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Well versed in classic cuisines as well as today's emerging global flavours and trends, our chefs work tirelessly with our technical team to provide customers great tasting food with their proteins and products.

Culinary Expertise

Highly qualified team of food technologists trained in the USA with Over 75 years of combined experience in developing products for multinational FSR Chains.

Food Quality & Safety

Midas is committed to supplying safe and quality standard products to global customers with continual improvement in terms of quality, food safety, and technology.


Rapid turnaround time with flexible production and State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to provide Customised product solutions for the market.



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Who is a Foodie? If you love eating different foods and have a slew of WhatsApp pictures of all the foods you ate during your holidays, does it give you bragging rights to be called a Foodie? Or do you have to be trained in the Food Industry to qu...

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Celebrating The Christmas Doing It Right

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The Celebratory Customs Associated With Christmas Have a mix of gift giving, complet...

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